The Classical Tribal Dance is a dance totally improvised under a system of codified body signals. It works on equality, respect and connection in tribe, since all participants are leaders and followers, respecting communication mistakes and learning from them.The Tribal Dance recovers the sacred character of the ancient oriental dance, the improvisation and the previous connection to the stages, giving rebirth to the times during which the dance was closely linked to the connection with the divine.Anyone can practice this style, a special physical condition is not necessary.The oriental-tribal dance has a very intense work of internal musculature and body posture. This practice unlocks self-esteem and confidence in one's own body; increases body awareness and proprioception, mobilizes the pelvic region and the joints, tonifies circulation and prevents various pathologies. The workshop will begin with a brief contextualization about the origins, history and evolution that oriental-tribal dance has undergone since Antiquity to the present day, from Greece and Egypt, from the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, to the USA and its reinvention in the 60s.



Ruth discovered oriental-tribal dance and yoga while studying Classical Philology in Valencia. Since then she continues in constant training as an eternal student of national and international teachers that she meets along the way, especially Nuria Gallego and Teresa Tomás Valencia.

She is a teacher of Ancient Greek and Oriental-tribal dance since 2007 and when she returned to her hometown, Peñíscola, she founded the Ménades de Irta Cultural Association, whose objective is to make known the classical culture and tribal dance throughout the territory where it was practically unknown until then. Currently she leads a tribe of more than 100  Maenads that work throughout the year boosting the cultural movement of Peñíscola and its surroundings and creating a sacred space for women, free of judgments.


Come experience sacred drumming in a beautiful prehistoric iberian cave, in the Womb of Mother Earth.The drum is the echo of the first sound we ever hear, our mothers blood pulsing through her arteries while we were fetuses in her Womb, our time of Oneness, and our first Home. We drum to come home to return to Oneness, Unity, Community, Harmony and Peace through rhythm and voiceGroup drumming and chanting is an ancient technology to entrain together as One.

Layne Redmond was a pioneer with her research of a rhythmic history in the ancient Mediterranean world. She discovered the drum’s connection to the Goddess and her priestesses who were earth honoring.

We will learn the basic drum strokes and its connection to the elements, what the drum symbolically represents, grounding rhythms and chants to bring us into a peaceful state, co-create spontaneously in the moment to create a living weaving tapestry of rhythmic Unity.Our unity vibration will be our offering for the world as we give that to ourselves.

Bring your own frame drum. No previous experience is required.



Miranda Rondeau is an Internationally recognized devotional singer, musician, Remo frame drum artist and teacher. She sings to remember and to connect to soul, chanting in a devotional language of her own. She is inspired by the Beloved, the Ancestors, the Mystery, the Sun, the Wind, the Water, the Earth and the Inward Journey.
Her muse and teacher is the late Layne Redmond embracing the drum as a voice for the Divine Feminine.

She has opened for Dead Can Dance, Starhawk, Marianne Williamson, Grandmother Agnes Baker and Aamo Bambo of the 13 International Grandmothers. She’s performed for Asheville Percussion Festival, North American Frame Drum Festival, Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Festival, Germany, and American Frame Drum Gathering, She has taught at Asheville Percussion Festival and was a featured speaker and teacher at the International Biblical Frame Drum Festival, Miranda facilitates Vocal Playshops, Frame Drum Workshops and Sound Bath Journey’s. She teaches privately and via skype. She created and maintains an online presence for Women Frame Drumming via social media.


Spiritual theatre is a discipline that serves more than just a well prepared and aesthetically interesting artistic proposal. It is a way of restoring our personal and collective soul, of building community, of expressing oneself being one an artist or not. To serve this purpose, during this workshop, we´ll fuse kundalini yoga practices with different theatre techniques opting for the psycho-physical preparation of each one of the participants and the building of community and artistic expression.We will opt for becoming channels of universal creative energy which is the energy that moves the strings of the Universe.

For more information about Spiritual Theatre, you can read the following article of the facilitator written for “Matrix” Barcelona´s cultural magazine.


Since a very young age Dhanmeet Eirini has commited to art and spirituality, disciplines that have become for her ways of soul restoration and communication of the new. She has studied literature, acting, kundalini yoga, childplay yoga, and sacred mediterranean percussion instructed by insightful teachers who distinguish for their humility, deep creativity, generosity and subtle connexion with the divine. She´s a chanel of the Universal White Time healing energy. She applies the above disciplines separately or fused to create performance, spiritual theatre plays and transforming workshops that aim at restoring pieces of our personal and collective soul, in order to recuperate our ancestral memory and bring fulfillment and bliss. In 2013 she created Kundalini Yoga and Art Festival which is currently celebrated in Valencia-Spain. Dhanmeet lives in Spain, imparts presential or online classes and courses and travels in different countries where she offers workshops, courses and performances.


Kundalini yoga and artistic-plastic expression as a means of self-knowledge.

Art, from its prehistoric beginnings, has been one of the most important tools of expression of the inner world of human beings, their longings, fears, evocation and invocation, projections of future, fantasies, the inner world, spirituality or knowledge of the divine ... This has not changed since then, until today, although aesthetics or techniques.

During this workshop we will work through the tools offered by kundalini yoga technology, as a way to awaken in us the clear vision and awaken our creativity and allow us to work with pictorial process, such as drawing, with which to investigate our emotions, thoughts or our identity.

Not previous artistic experience is needed.



Atmananda is a teacher of Integral Yoga, Kundalini Yoga for pregnancy and upbringing, Graduated teacher in Naad yoga (Yoga of Sound), trained by Prof. Surinder Singh. She is a master of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryôho and student of Kundalini Yoga of the KRI. She has been trained in Macrobiotics. Born in a family of artists, she is a painter and Doctor in Fine Arts; inspired by feminine creativity she especially likes doing  belly painting on pregnant women´s bellies. Atmananda is the founder of Dharma Dhyana Centro de Yoga Integral in Valencia, where she teaches. She organizes and regularly teaches yoga and meditation retreats, and collaborates in events of personal growth or festivals.

“The path continues and I am willing to live it, I do not intend to reach any destination, because I live in it every day, every second every inhalation and exhalation. “


Naad Yoga,Yoga of Sound,Communication Art

Naad Yoga is a path based on the essential vibration which is the source of everything,(naad).Using this energy as sound Naad Yoga helps us to re-establish our inner balance, and this way, to achieve a healthy body,mind and soul. During this workshop you´ll experience how sound can affect our emotions and thoughts and how it helps to release stress,anxiety and pressure. You´ll feel the power of music as universal language,as inner connection and healing means.

Naad Yoga tools are breathing,voice,tuning,rhythm,hearing and singing. Working with them you will be able to know better your true inner state.You will learn to transmit and express in an accurate way and to synchronise with the events pulse.You will understand the way you are living and you will discover a path to improve it.

Let's discover a new way to do Yoga!



Sampuran Kaur,Guru Kaur and Anant Kaur are Naad Yoga teachers certified by Raj Academy Conservatoire and members of the Teachers Training Team together with their Master Professor Surinder Singh Yogi of Sound. As a group now,with their instruments and voices, they give workshops and concerts with the purpose of spreading out this Sound Sacred Science.


"When heart, eye and hand
are in alignment, then magic happens!"
Tonia´s contact with photography started at the age of 7 when she was
presented with a kodak 400 camera as a present. Since then she
always carries a Camera in her hands. It was then that she began to
observe the world around her in detail with a new pair of eyes. She
takes photos about everything that moves her heart and has a
story to tell. Looking through the lens conjure and feels the world
in another level. Searching always the harmonic synthesis, she
becomes everything that her lens captures. Having a dialogue with
light and observing the slightest detail of life, she discovers, learns and
Photography for her is a path to self-awareness. Associated with
life that tries to ­find balance and beauty, photography becomes a
charming vehicle to express the inner self.



Tonia studied visual communication and has been working in the ­eld of
branding and visual communication for 18 years. After working in
large advertising companies, she became co-founder and art director
of the awarded (in Greece and abroad) creative brand agency
SPIR.TO , for the last 10 years.
She has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions
in Greece and abroad with artworks, photographs and installations.
Restless spirit, she always creates from the heart.
She believes that everything is connected and that inspiration comes
from the eyes of everyone in relation to life itself.
Her motto: Embrace creation. Creation is life. In any form.

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