PRANAYAMA, a workshop about breathing

To breathe, is a lot more than just an exchange of gases.It is to clean the body, fill it with life, it’s to give and to receive and to free it of that which distresses it…One of the most important and delicate parts of the practice of yoga is pranayama. When we breathe in pranayama we enter into a new state of being, the mind gets clearer, it exacerbates and it becomes ready for concentration and meditation.But many times, when we try to breath, we have trouble doing so and come across obstacles: those tensions installed in the body don’t let us enjoy and progress in our practice of pranayama.Patanjali speaks in the Yoga Sutras about a fourth pranayama that arises spontaneously and transcends all other types of pranayama.In it, there is no difference between inhalation and exhalation. The breathing happens almost imperceptibly and the mind and the body are awake and calm.In this workshop we are going to expand to the maximum our breathing capacity, freeing the nervous system. With a long and pleasant practice of Yoga and Experiential Anatomy we will free all the body to reach the perfect pranayama, that, which is deep and natural, which flows with the rhythm of the Universe, transcends all the other types and uncovers the veil that covers the light of knowledge.Suitable for everyone. No experience needed.


SAT GURU SINGH, (Carles Romero Beltran): I’ve learned from many wise people during my live. Since young age, I saw and understood the wisdom of the older generations in my family.From my teacher Hargobind Singh, I learned Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.Tere Puig, taught me how to apply the richness of this yoga during pregnancy and the growth of our children.With the M.D. and researcher Jader Tolja, I’ve discovered the Experiential Anatomy and because of this, I’ve rediscovered the body, which is a great tool for knowledge, and a truthful witness to everything that happens to us: the body doesn’t lie.My wish for finding a better translation of the sanskrit and gurmukhi mantras, led me to the University of Barcelona, where I studied sanskrit language & literature, with Dr. Maria Elena Sierra.In 2014 I founded in my town, Vinaròs, the DIPA yoga school (, from where our team share the teachings of yoga to bring wellness and consciousness to everyone who needs it. Dipa Escuela de Yoga


The Yildiz Free Dance and its movements are inspired by the free dance of Isadora Duncan as an expression of beauty and channel for the love and peace that we are, by oriental dances, by the sufi dance and kundalini yoga techniques. It is also inspired by the laws of movement manifested in nature (the wind, the waves of the sea, the bird flying, the trees, the flowers, the universe and the planets) and by the 4 elements. This method is an artistic expression that liberates the body, helps self-knowledge, personal and spiritual growth. 
This type of dance is accesible for everybody since there are no requisites concerning age, physical conditions or rhythm. Every participant follows their own pace based on their possibilities and necessities.


JASBIR KAUR (SHEILA): I have been a Kundalini Yoga teacher for 15 years, trained in AnandPur School in Barcelona. I´ve been an oriental and sufi dancer for 12 years, a Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner and a specialist in Family, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. I´m the mother of a 5 year old boy. I have created the Yildiz dancing method and I am the director of Powwow Barcelona, a space of creativity and spirituality.

Jasbir Kaur-Sheila  The Powwow BCN


Manish Shrestha will share with us a beautiful concert. He combines the sound of sarod, voice, ethnic inspirations and mantras in order to create an ambient where him and the audience fuse in order to become one with the sound of the instruments and the voice.

Manish describes his music as a journey which envelopes us in an ambient created by the Ragas. The Ragas can be described as a music art, evoking deep feelings through selected notes which wrap us up and help us experiment an elevated state of consciousness and inner peace. He invites the audience to listen, harmonize, and share the message of peace and love through music.

MANISH SHRESTHAComposer, arranger and muli-instrumentalist, born in Kathmandu (Nepal) and currently residing in Barcelona (Spain). I studied ethnomusicology at the University of Kathmandu. At that time, I studied diverse world music and classical Hindu music. I´m specialised in Sarod, a principal instrument of classical Indian music, and voice. In 2002 I initiated my quest and interest on spirituality and discovered yoga in Hasada Yoga Ashram, in Nepal. There I learned  Vishuddha Stato-Dynamic Yoga and meditation with the disciples of Swami Satchitananda Visuddhadev.

Manish Shrestha


During this workshop we´ll experiment the beauty and the subtlety of overtone singing, learning to produce one or more sounds simultaneously. We´ll experiment connexion with silence – The silence as the fertile field where everything Is, where everything lives. The Connexion with my own body:Breathe to create space and movement, the propiocetive capacity to find my body’s resonance, singing with my body, relaxing my throat. The Overtones as the connecting bridge between Heaven and Earth: Overtone singing techniques:The “N” technique, the “R” technique, The “GN” technique, throat relaxation to sing polyphonies, harmony basics, melody basics, intervals – texture – consonant and dissonant qualities, the impossible harmony! The voice merged in the energetic field, harmonic convergence, accurate tuning by character,locate myself in the scale, singing to my chakras – From “U” to “I”, from Earth to Heaven, the Minimalism as a plenitude principle, spectral compositions – Bernat Vivancos’s pieces audition. 

“Dark Tranquility” MuOm Barcelona     Joaquín Manjón, Improvisiation on 1st and 2nd cavity

JOAQUÍN MANJÓN: I was born in Africa in 1965. I´m grandson of musician grandparents, and have inherited from them and from my father, a musical tradition based on the heart. I have musical essential and own studies, and my ancient music and classicism taste legacy was reinforced through the discovering of the overtone chant and the creation with some friends of the precious Project, the overtone singing choir MuOM of Barcelona in 2008. I have an extensive experience in the overtone chant and in choir singing. Also in the voice expression and the voices fusion connecting with silence. I love to create impossible harmonies by just counting with every single voice, its tone and its tuning capacity. I also love the total voices fusion with their overtones, to create bridges and connections, to encourage capacities, to discover new purposes and to feel we are powerful. And finally I also enjoy sharing the power of the unison, the harmonic convergence and the voice blending in clusters as connecting practices and the overtone empowerment techniques.


Sacred drumming has been a powerful and deep practice since prehistoric times. Its role is to reconnect human beings with feminine energy, the so called “Great Mother”. Such practices had been suppressed up until relatively recently, when the necessity to recuperate balance between feminine and masculine energies in the planet has provoked their rebirth. During this workshop we´ll share teachings by the precussionist Layne Redmond who has been the principal teacher in the rebirth of the sacred mediterranean framedrums. We will meditate, do kundalini yoga exercises for your psycho-physical preparation and learn some sacred drum history, the basic strokes of the drum based on the 4 elements, brain hemispheres´balance percussion exercises, we´ll play and sing a sacred song and experiment the healing power of group percussion. This workshop will be held by Dhanmeet Eirini Delaki and Jóse Sirvent who will share the power of his cajón with us in a journey through ancestral cultures.

Bring a percussion instrument, preferably a framedrum (bendir, daf, bodhran or chamanic round drum) or any other percussion instrument with round head.

DHANMEET KAUR (EIRINI DELAKI): Some of my teachers are the beings I mention below, but also my weaknesses, nature, and the sacred vibration. I formalised my existential quest by studying literature and then,entered the theatre world focusing on Classical Theatre and later on, on the Theatre of the Oppressed by Sanjoy Ganguly and Augusto Boal in Calcutta. I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by KRI with Shiv Charan Singh. My quest has led me to the creation of a Spiritual Theatre proposal consisting in the alchemy of Theatre of the Oppressed techniques with Kundalini Yoga, called “Sympraxis”. I´m a White Time Healer iniciated by Silveria Meli;I sing and create songs and melodies for mantras as a way to connect to the primal force that moves the strings of the Cosmos, inspired and instructed by several musicians, and epecially by Miranda Rondeau, Zohar Fresco and Simrit Kaur Khalsa. I currently teach Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Theatre in several countries, activate women´s circles and participate in concerts and performances where I act, sing and play sacred instruments.
Dhanmeet Eirini Delaki 

JOSE SIRVENT: Ihave been trained at drumming at the Jazz School of Valencia and I have been member of a well known rock group of the city. I´m a Kundalini Yoga teacher trained by Hargobind Singh according to Yogui Bhajan´s teachings, and a Hatha Yoga teacher trained by Guru Vir. I´m experienced in different martial arts, that is Judo, Kendo and Aikido. I currently accompany several artists to their devotional concerts principally playing cajón and I teach Kundalini Yoga and  Yoga for pregnancy in several centers. Periodically, I share the yoga wisdon at the prison of Picassent in Valencia and I´m a volunteer of Casa Caridad.


We call “sadhana” our daily spiritual practice that usually takes place during the early morning hours.“Doing Sadhana in a group develops group consciousness. At the beginning of sadhana everyone has a different vibration…The happiness of one person balances the sadness of another. Then the entire group finds its energy directed by the activity of the sadhana itself. The individual auras merge and form a group aura. If the group is well-tuned into the Infinite, a rainbow aura forms that reflects all colors. A bluish color of sincerity and devotion predominates…By the end of morning sadhana, when everyone’s energy has intermingled and merged, it is easy to communicate and be on the same wavelength…There will be fewer misunderstandings in the area of communications.” [From Aquarian Teacher KRI Teacher Training Level 1 Textbook] 

TAV PRASAAD KAUR (FRANCESCA HECTOR): I´m called Tav Prasaad Kaur and I´m a student of life. “The same stream that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world” (Tagore). Like the Universe itself we are infinitely creative beings and Kundalini Yoga supports its ever deeper unfolding at all levels.I began my Kundalini Yoga training with the school of Karam Kriya in 2011, and continue to practice and go deeper with Level 2 modules in Lifestyle and Lifecycles, Conscious Communication, Authentic Relationships and Stress and Vitality. I also study Karam Kriya, the universal language of numbers to relate to life, and applied to counselling, as developed by my teacher Shiv Charan Singh.I feel very grateful for this community dedicated to conscious development, and collaborate with the organisation and translation of courses, teacher trainings and festivals in Spain, Portugal and France. I´m currently studying an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology with the University of Middlesex.


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