Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice and a relationship with our infinite facet. It is a quick way to establish a connexion between the body mind and soul. It was first openly taught in the West by Yogi Bhajan, a teacher from India, who inspired thousands of people to re-connect with their essential nature and become agents of social and spiritual changes.Through practicing kundalini yoga, we get to know, cultivate our creative potential and put it at the service of All in an inspired and original way. During the festival you'll get in touch with different aspects of kundalini yoga which complement each other to carve your raw material you are made of and make you shine.

These practices will serve as a platform to experience the artistic side of the festival and your own at a cellular level, as participants in workshops and as audience during the performances of various artists.

Some basic concepts and practices of kundalini yoga which you will experience are:


A series of postures , breathing and sound that is like a piece of music, a perfect sequence of energy, tones and feelings that are played on the instrument of your body.


Breathing techniques to help you channel your thoughts and feelings so that you achieve mental clarity and a deeper connexion with your essential nature.


It´s the process of transcending the vibrations of the mind and thus, allow the radiant flow of the soul´s energy manifest itself and become a permanent state (simran).


Practices at dawn to reinforce your discipline, strengthen your body, train your mind and put it at the service of your excellence and the world.



The creation of a community having a common vision to serve, and commitment to that vision. In this case, our vision is to allow the alchemy of kundalini yoga with art to become a powerful agent of personal and community transformation.


The act of getting together to share food. A tribute to our body and its need to be taken care of, and a way of communion among the participants.

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