The Kundalini Yoga and Art Festival which is celebrated annually in Valencia Spain, was born out of a visión that unites us with our deep primal roots, when art and spirituality were ONE; when the cult of the Great Goddess was celebrated, a Goddess called Shakti, Hathor, Innana, Ariadne, Persefone and much more…; when people were living peacefully and in harmony with nature for thousands of years honouring the creative source of ALL.

This festival does not only host practices of Kundalini Yoga already related to art such as the yoga of sound (Naad Yoga) or Kundalini dance, but also pioneer artistic and creative proposals where kundalini yoga plays an important role of psycho-physical preparation and fusion with each discipline thus rendering it to be a holistic experience. Through this festival our aim is to reinforce creativity as cosmic flow with ourselves being its channels.

Some of the pioneering proposals which have been presented through Kundalini Yoga and Art Festival are: Yildiz dance, Spiritual Theatre, Pranayama through the prism of Experiential Anatomy, Sacred Mediterranean Drumming and many more.



We address to all of you who have a longing to quickly detect their own ego and clear their attachments so that they can enjoy the essence of their creativity.

This festival is also ideal for artists who would like to get to know Kundalini Yoga as a platform of psycho-physical preparation and an agent of inspiration and profound change in their artistic practices. With kundalini Yoga as a base and the experience of different art workshops they will be able to go deeper and enjoy more their own art.

No prior experience in kundalini yoga or art is required for your participation.


Web design: Alberto ML

Poster and flyers´design: Empar Morales, Chrysa Lialia, Eric Brunner

Festival Creation: Dhanmeet Eirini Delaki

Accomodation: Más de Noguera

And the numerous volunteers through the years!

Thank you for your trust in us!!!

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